Ethical Marketing Circle

I take your interest in ethical marketing very seriously...

I am committed to this work for myself and my own business, too. Thank you for joining us in it.

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About the Meetings

We meet once each month on the 2nd Wednesdays at 11-12:30 pm Central. 

In brief, we begin meetings with a round of "celebrations" to practice the bravery of self-promotion and a round of "sorry's" to practice accountability and apologies. This is followed by a mix of facilitated discussion, group activities, and break-out rooms for partnered brainstorming. Each meeting ends with a grounding practice led by a volunteer group member. 

Attendee Roles & Responsibilities: Each discussion circle is loosely conducted according to a set of nonhierarchical guidelines from "The Circle Way." Members are required to read and agree to meet according to these guidelines. In brief, one attendee volunteers to co-host by helping to "guard the circle" and share in monitoring the group's need for pauses in the discussion. "Pauses" are simply an opportunity for attendees to breathe and create space in discussion for processing big feelings or big ideas. Any group member may "call for a pause" if desired.

Online Group Forum: Between meetings, we "hang out" in a private group forum dedicated to ongoing community support. Our online forum is not public nor searchable by anyone other than members of the group. Registration for each meeting grants access to the group forum for 30 days. 

Monthly Discussion Topics

Starting with January:

  1. Marketing Practices for Compassion Fatigue
  2. Value-Based Models for Business Decisions
  3. Boundaries: Enforcing & Reinforcing, or Not At All?
  4. Ethical Strategies for Cultivating Cash Flow
  5. Protecting Privacy: Challenges & Solutions
  6. Identifying Cognitive Dissonance in Your Biz
  7. Empowering Equitable Care & Accessibility
  8. Social Media Solutions & Ideas
  9. Inclusive Pricing & Scalability Strategies 
  10. Prioritizing Consent-Based Marketing 
  11. Press & Publicity Ideas for Client Acquisition
  12. SEO that Builds Client-Therapist Trust 

New To Us?

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Ethical Marketing Circle

Ethical Marketing Circle for Mental Health Professionals

Meeting Monthly on the 2nd Wednesdays at 11-12:30 pm Central 

This monthly online meetup is for therapists, counselors, social workers, and other mental health practitioners to discuss a range of topics around running ethical, trauma-informed, financially accessible client practices. Reserve your seat for a full year or drop in as you're able.

Our intentions are to...

  • hold each other accountable to ethical marketing practices
  • discover and listen to our unique perspectives
  • raise the industry standard of ethics in client-based mental health services

Note: This monthly circle is intended for mental health professionals (therapists, counselors, social workers, etc.) Business owners from other industries or fields are welcome to participate. However, our discussion topics will remain anchored in ethical marketing practices for client-based mental health services. 

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