Resumé Review + Refresh

We proudly support financial accessibility and autonomy to all of our customers and clients. This product is offered with payment plans options because, among other things, we believe that financially wise choices should not be punished. (i.e. selecting a payment plan that fits with your budget, but then receiving interest charges for it.)

While selecting your payment, I encourage you to take pride in how your money is used. :-) All payment plan options provide both your business and mine with financial tools to continue growing bravery around the world:

  • a lower price per payment over a longer period of time gives a business a more consistent cash flow 
  • a higher price per payment over a shorter period of time gives a business more freedom to pay it forward to others

Consider Your Finances

Even if you have financial needs or your budget feels a little tight, I ask that you pick your price while considering the following overlapping factors:

  • economic sustainability
  • racial privilege
  • relative earning potential
  • access to personal financial support (family/spouse/network/credit score)

There is no application process or other hoops to jump through. These choices are offered on an honor system. At checkout (below) you’re asked to share one sentence about why you self-selected that price. I ask this to make sure the program is working as intended.

For more on our pricing options and the reasons behind them, our Financial Accessibility Statement is here.

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Resumé Review + Refresh

Bring a current draft of your most recent CV or resumé. Let's turn each line into the pinnacle of your professionalism. and make it read like "Hired!"

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