Bare Naked Bravery: Audiobook

"I could not stop listening to this book. She starts the book by sharing her personal story, including her struggle with eating disorders and how she overcome numerous obstacles. She narrates her own book, which brings her story to life. She illustrates why we need to be brave, the types of bravery, and how to cultivate bravery in your own life. Literary lovers will appreciate the beautifully written prose, and the more pragmatic will appreciate the practical ways you can cultivate bravery in your life. If you have ever struggled with fear in your life you NEED this book. Inspiration and help to conquer fear are all in this book. Worth reading or listened to more than once!" ★★★★★ Audible Listener Stephanie S.

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Bare Naked Bravery: Audiobook

Narrated by the author, Emily Ann Peterson, wrote Bare Naked Bravery after a time when life required an enormous amount of bravery from her. She tells stories of how to use fear, instead of fighting it or running from it while identifying the three types and 12 ingredients of bravery. You'll finish this audiobook with tools that boost courage instantly and a model for creating your own daily practice of bravery. If you've ever wished for a truckload of creative courage to infuse into your daily life, this is the audiobook for you! 

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