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The Patron Library!

Truly, great creativity takes great courage, from everyone.

Sometimes, for me and my career especially, that courage looks like support and encouragement.

Folks like you who love my music and the work I put out into the world support my bravery by becoming my patrons! You're invited to join them!


Patrons Receive...

Beyond my eternal gratitude and admiration (of course) you'll get...

Unreleased Songs, Poetry & Writing

Have you ever seen a song or a book born into the world? Get a first listen to my songs and poetry! Watch the imperfection turn into beauty!

Surprise Online Concerts

Sometimes I get really excited about things and do spontaneous online concerts! Patrons get access to these AND all the replays for free!

Book-of-the-Month Discussions

The students of the School of Advanced Bravery gather monthly to discuss a book that inspires bravery. Reading the book is optional for participation - Come join us!

Rehearsal Videos

Want to see how the magic gets made? I'll pull back the veil and show you how it all goes down! It's actually pretty neat!

Community Forum

Have a question to ask? Something to share? Join the rest of my community by taking part in the just-for-us forum.

First Dibs on New Releases

Before a song goes on Spotify, before a book gets published - you'll get your paws on it all first!

What Patrons are saying...

  • Emily Ann Peterson

    “I figured it ALL out tonight! Your will to express your soul inspires me to explore my own ability to share my soul too! Thank you!!!”

  • Emily Ann Peterson

    “I love the poetry of your lyrics...love the melody and chord changes!”

  • Emily Ann Peterson

    “Such an inspiration! Thank you for being courageous and vulnerable and FUNNY! Don't stop!”

Emily Ann Peterson - 2020 Selfie

Thanks in Advance!

Every little bit of your dedicated support and engagement with my creative career does NOT go unnoticed!

I treasure each an every one of you dearly!