Automate Your Visibility & Booking

Creating System That Gets You a "Heck Yes!"

Getting featured in the venues, galleries, podcasts, blogs, magazines of your dreams can be the hardest kind of putting yourself out there. If your thing is music, art, writing, speaking, workshops, or something else equally wonderful, then you'll need these 3 sessions with singer-songwriter and educator, David Hakan.

You'll walk away with the tools to find the best visibility partnerships, a method to calm the chaos of all your research, and you'll learn how to create successful cold email pitches that get you the "heck yes!" you've been waiting for. Finally, it's time to find opportunities that are thrilled to feature you. It's time to stop wasting your precious resources barking up the wrong trees. You will leave each of the three 60-minute online video sessions with a customized checklist and a system that will make showing off your feats of bravery easy to do. 

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