House Concert Application


Thank you for your interest in hosting a House Concert!

STEP ONE: Read through the 2019 House Concert Host Manual before completing your application

STEP TWO: Fill out the form below. 

STEP THREE: Keep your eyes peeled - I will make our host selections and let you know whether you've been selected in a week or two!


Your Name


Your City, State & Country


Which season are you applying for?

check as many as you'd like!


Which dates can you absolutely NOT host a concert? (weddings, family vacations, etc.)

A note about scheduling: If you're selected to be one of my hosts, I will send you a date for the concert that is NOT listed below. I kindly ask that you consider keeping all days of the week as a possibility for your house concert, including Mondays and Tuesdays. Although I know that a weekend night is generally preferable, for my own travel efficiency and routing, we have to consider all nights of the week as possibilities for your concert. But don't worry - I have had amazing, packed house concerts on Monday nights before. Just let me know below if you need help with promoting and inviting people and I will be happy to assist!


What does the Vessel of Gratitude hold?

Making sure you read the Host Manual! ;-)


Are you confident in your ability to have at least 20 people in attendance?


Is there anything specific I should know?

Example: indoor vs. outdoor, special arrangements, loud donkey in the background, etc.


Are you able to host me and/or my dog, Beau in your home that night?

Neither is deal breaker or deal maker. Your honest answer will help me make accurate plans.

FYI - Beau is super sweet, calm, and does really well with other dogs. Look at that face!


What questions or concerns do you have?

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