Consults & Support for Performers

Get help moving your music career online!

So you've done a few Facebook Livestreams and crossed your fingers. Maybe you've sent out a few more email newsletters or started a GoFundMe campaign, but how do you truly connect with your audience in a deep and meaningful way through a screen?! If you've begun transitioning your music career to happen online, but you still have crucial questions, Erin Mae Lewis can help! She'll help you get everything set up with confidence. You'll also receive her technology checklist to ensure you're fully equipped the next you click “go live!” 

Bonus options: If you'd like, she can meet with you prior to your first/next concert, to walk you through your next livestream setlist and audience engagement. You can also opt to have her provide live support during the event and manage your entire career transition! She’ll even help with strategic partnership outreach for you!

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