get early access to new material and spread the bravery far & wide!

behind-the-scenes peeks into my songwriting and creative journey! Patrons receive... 1) full access to the entire Patron Library of unreleased demos, poetry, rehearsal videos, and new songs 2) Book-of-the-Month Discussion & Replay 3) Surprise Online Concerts & Replays and 4) access to the Community Forum

USD 1.00

The School of Bravery

Every day is how you're made. Let's get brave together!

USD 25.00

Piece Of Cake Copy

sweet words for your sweet website!

USD 300.00

Seasons of Bravery Ritual

Empowering Your Past & Your Possibilities with Acts of Intention

Learn how to create a ritual around your next season of bravery. Conclude the previous season, make space for the upcoming season, envision the possibilities, identify the friction, map out a plan-of-action, and celebrate accordingly!

You'll receive instructional videos, a .pdf guidebook to use while you're "offline" and a 6-part ritual with easy, step-by-step action items!

USD 77.00

Savvy Spreadsheet: Songwriting Competitions & Contests

Access all the info for 50+ US & International songwriting contests & competition with all the links, registration fees, deadlines, performance dates, rewards, and more in ONE easy spot! 

USD 17.00

Courageously Clear Website Workshop

Tune-up Your Site & Get a Profitable Fresh Start!

USD 197.00

Full-Service Book Production

Take Your Manuscript to Market!

USD 5,000.00

The Courageous Artist's Way

12 Weeks to Your Bravest Creativity

USD 126.00

Masterclass: Using Your Catastrophic Thinking Powers for Good

Transforming Chronic Worrying into Wonder

What if? What if? What if?! Being a creative visionary with a severe case of catastrophic thinking doesn't have to feel like a panic attack. It IS possible to use your glass-half-full skills for GOOD purposes!

In this class, we'll learn how to channel the power of your catastrophic thinking and transmute it into preventative measures to ensure your creative and career success.

USD 27.00

Masterclass: Picking Your Price & Charging What You're Worth

a Non-Overwhelming Crash Course in Applied Microeconomics

One of the most common questions I get from my business consulting clients is "What should I charge?!" So we're gonna dive into price points, market elasticity, the real reason I stopped teaching cello lessons, AND how to determine which price YOU should charge for your services and products.

USD 27.00