From Standstill to Shine in 6 Weeks

USD 267.00 before tax

Patrons & Book Club

get early access to new material and spread the bravery far & wide!

behind-the-scenes peeks into my songwriting and creative journey! Patrons receive... 1) full access to the entire Patron Library of unreleased demos, poetry, rehearsal videos, and new songs 2) Book-of-the-Month Discussion & Replay 3) Surprise Online Concerts & Replays and 4) access to the Community Forum

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Piece Of Cake Copy

sweet words for your sweet website!

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Seasons of Bravery Ritual

Empowering Your Past & Your Possibilities with Acts of Intention

Learn how to create a ritual around your next season of bravery. Conclude the previous season, make space for the upcoming season, envision the possibilities, identify the friction, map out a plan-of-action, and celebrate accordingly!

You'll receive instructional videos, a .pdf guidebook to use while you're "offline" and a 6-part ritual with easy, step-by-step action items!

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Bravery VIP

Not for the Faint of Heart!

Break into new levels of boldness by spending 4 months intensively building your bravery!

You'll receive...

  • weekly 1:1 sessions with Emily Ann Peterson
  • monthly group calls with fellow VIPs!

We'll work on whatever you need most including, but not limited to...

  • perfecting your marketing messaging
  • building content creation machines
  • shifting business models to easily make more money
  • crafting a killer elevator pitch
  • refining branding and product strategy
  • breaking into a new level of exposure & visibility

Bottom-line: You'll learn how to tell your story in a way that just feels good to share. Why? Because the world needs as much of your bravery as you have to give. So let's make "being brave" as easy as possible!

USD 2,160.00 before tax

House Concert: 7/8/2018

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Savvy Spreadsheet: Songwriting Competitions & Contests

Access all the info for 50+ US & International songwriting contests & competition with all the links, registration fees, deadlines, performance dates, rewards, and more in ONE easy spot! 

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