Trauma-Informed Coaching & Consulting


Consulting is like ice cream; we want what we want how we want it—occasional support on the side, sessions scheduled under a big project, a special calendar container, or a cherry on top of your recurring sessions. Sessions À La Mode are the answer to your flexible scheduling needs and are available in bundles of 1, 3, or 6 sessions. Each session is 50 minutes of 1-on-1 attention with Emily Ann Peterson. 

Trauma-Informed Coaching & Consulting


Build your bravery and resilience one step at a time with regular check-ins and accountability! This option is good for clients working on a longer-term project or those seeking ongoing support from a coach and consultant like Emily Ann Peterson. Each month you'll receive recurring private coaching session(s) via Google Meet and weekly office hours via email. The frequency of sessions is up to you: monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly.

Get your book published!


If you've always wanted to write a book or somehow the creative muse has magically gifted you with a manuscript idea, then let's talk. Self-publishing is the single most effective way for you to get your book *out there* for the world to see as soon as possible.

Every author's book is different, so working with Emily Ann *starts* with six (6) one-hour sessions to nail down your book summary, ideal audience, outline, title, overall strategy, and next steps.

You get brave clarity & I get to clean!


You've got questions to clear up about your life, career, and creativity? Maybe you've got some marketing questions? Or you'd like to know the best way to automate a certain piece of your life. Well, Emily Ann's got a house to Marie Kondo! Let's join forces! Reserve your spot in Emily Ann's calendar today!

Sweet Words for Your Sweet Self!


Got a website that reads a little too boring? Does your artist bio make even your *mom* want to fall asleep? Don't want to re-write the words for that thing? Stuck with a blinking cursor and a blank page?

Schedule a session with Emily Ann to write some tastiest morsels with you! After paying for your session, you'll fill out your intake form and then leave your scheduled session with the perfect words for whatever your creative project requires!

A Digital Tool for Evidence-Proven & Value-Based Pricing Decisions


This worksheet bundle is for client-based business owners who value their time and want to make smarter money choices. Consider this your rinse-and-repeat strategy sandbox and financial planning sidekick! Includes 3 auto-calculated digital worksheets, 2 bonus strategy sandboxes, and 1 private coaching session.

A Digital Tool to Navigate Your Business & the Marketplace


A Digital Tool to Navigate Your Business & the Marketplace—This auto-calculated worksheet bundle is for business owners who want more confidence to set boundaries, make strategic marketing decisions, improve customer onboarding experiences, attract the right clients and repel the wrong clients (you know the ones). Consider this your rinse-and-repeat strategy sandbox for ideal client/customer acquisition and marketing strategy! Includes 1 worksheet bundle (with customizable client categories!) and 3 private consulting sessions with Emily Ann Peterson.

Because First Impressions Count!


Do you have a website? Do you (secretly) worry that it sucks? Or maybe you know it doesn’t do you and your awesome work justice?

Easy! You'll walk away from your 45-min Website Audit with a tangible list of tiny improvements and the confidence to put yourself out there!

for Mental Health Professionals

Meeting Monthly on the 2nd Wednesdays at 11-12:30 pm Central 

This monthly online meetup is for therapists, counselors, social workers, and other mental health practitioners to discuss a range of topics around running ethical, trauma-informed, financially accessible client practices. Reserve your seat for a full year or drop in as you're able.

Weekly on Wednesdays at 7 pm Central, via Zoom


Weekly on Wednesdays at 7 pm Central, via Zoom

Get a life-changing (re)introduction to your creative courage alongside fellow bravery students and join fellow creative visionaries for our ongoing book club!

Over the next 8 weeks, we're reading & discussing Greg McKeown's New York Times bestseller, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Lessand plan on covering two chapters each week. Regardless of the current book, at each book club meeting group members receive group coaching from Emily Ann Peterson, songwriter & author of Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous.

Membership of this group is already included for currently enrolled students. If that's you and you're having difficulty accessing this content or you have additional questions, send an email to

a 4-week workshop for trauma-sensitive business tools


BRAVE MONEY is a 4-week class series for client-based business owners who want more money tools and financial skills that are trauma-sensitive, empirically-based, value-centric, sustainable, realistic, *reasonable*, and a little bit unconventional. (btw, all are welcome, even if you're not a client-based business owner!)

Keep the Bravery Going!


If you like what we're up to and want to treat us to a coffee, spot one of our operational expenses, or sponsor a scholarship for someone else, this is the place to make that money magic happen!