Book Coaching & Production Consulting

Get your book published!

If you've always wanted to write a book or somehow the creative muse has magically gifted you with a manuscript, then let's talk. Self-publishing is the single most effective way for you to get your book *out there* for the world to see. It is entirely possible for you to go from blank page to bestseller in 90 days or less.

Every author's book is different, so working with Emily Ann *starts* with six one-hour sessions to nail down your book summary, ideal audience, outline, title, overall strategy, and next steps.

Standard Book Production Phases

(FYI - These are not included in the initial 6 sessions of this product, but it helps to get an idea of the work that may be set before you/us.)

Phase 1 - Pre-Production
  • Cover Design: includes 2 revisions
  • Create resources & appendix
  • Grammatical Editing
  • Page Formatting
Phase 2 - Market Research & Publicity Prep
  • Genre-specific Analytics
  • Support in acquiring blurbs & quotes from notable sources
  • Copywriting for Book cover, summary, and description

Phase 2B Optional - Audiobook Production

  • Vocal coaching
  • In-Home Audiobook recording (travel costs not included)
  • Post-production
  • Formatting for
Phase 3 - Pre-Publishing
  • Receive Test Prints
  • Submit final versions to online distributors & manufacturers
  • Write content for page on author website
  • Build a launch team to boost sales, using author's preferred email provider (Mailchimp, etc.)
Phase 4 - Launch
  • Scaffolded pricing schedule, to optimize sales rankings on Amazon
  • Launch team celebrations
  • Launch week promo support
OPTIONAL: Phase 5 - Quarterly Promo
  • Outreach to retail outlets
  • Ongoing press coverage
  • Quarterly promotions & sales
OPTIONAL: Phase 6 - Ongoing Monthly Promo
  • Amazon Marketplace Ads
  • Website maintenance
  • Fan-mail responses
Emily Ann Peterson photo by Kim Reed