Masterclass: Using Your Catastrophic Thinking Powers for Good

Transforming Chronic Worrying into Wonder

What if? What if? What if?! Being a creative visionary with a severe case of catastrophic thinking doesn't have to feel like a panic attack. It IS possible to use your glass-half-full skills for GOOD purposes!

In this class, we'll learn how to channel the power of your catastrophic thinking and transmute it into preventative measures to ensure your creative and career success.


Masterclass: Picking Your Price & Charging What You're Worth

a Non-Overwhelming Crash Course in Applied Microeconomics

One of the most common questions I get from my business consulting clients is "What should I charge?!" So we're gonna dive into price points, market elasticity, the real reason I stopped teaching cello lessons, AND how to determine which price YOU should charge for your services and products.


Masterclass: Your Impostor's Syndrome Toolkit

For Self-Skeptics and Second-Guessing

There's a real epidemic amongst creatives and business owners out there. It's the thing holding you back from creating your greatest work. It's the tiny voice screaming in your head just before you get on stage. It's the weighted blanket of that sickly feeling when someone asks you "So what do you do?

Imposter's Syndrome will perpetually hold you back unless you know how to deal with it. Just think of all the mental and emotional energy you've invested in Imposter's Syndrome! All that *could've* gone into the REAL project you were working on!


Masterclass: Courageous Productivity

For Overwhelm and Avoidance

In this masterclass, we're all about the software and my favorite non-tech methods to keep executing a TON of creative projects that matter. We'll talk about morning routines, prioritization, and my secret to sacred calendar blocking. Become a student of the School of Bravery and join us!


Masterclass: Look Before You Leap - Bravery Checklists

for Fortifying Your Decisions

Over and over I see my colleagues take massive leaps into the great creative unknown, only to land in the pits of despair and crisis when things don't go as planned. (I've been there too.) In this class, we'll create a tailored checklist to have on hand before making ANY decision or feat of bravery in the future.


Masterclass: Goal Strategy Session

Plan Your Flight. Fly Your Plan.

Join us for a mini masterclass on goal strategy and a longer Q&A/group coaching. Bring your end-of-the-year goals and smooth out the bumps and extra friction. We'll be laying it ALL out there so you can make plans that are dependable and daring! 


Masterclass: Building Intuitive Conversation Skills

Open Your Options, Not Just Your Mouth

Join us for a masterclass on “taking the elevator down” during a conversation. In this class, we’ll discuss methods for digging deeper into your conversational skills so you can hear what’s actually being said by your friends, family, customers, and internal creativity. Bring a couple conversational conundrums or stories you’ve experienced in this last year to share with the group!


Masterclass: The Defiance of Irresistible Headlines & Titles

No, not clickbait.

Let's talk headlines and titles! They're the thing that gives folks a reason to "click" on the bravery you're publishing into the world. All the time I see brilliant creatives giving the absolute wrong title to their work and really underselling it to their audience. Bad headlines = bad engagement. Bad titles = Low readership. Let's solve your headline woes!


Masterclass: Widening the Possibilities of First Impressions

To Alleviate Pre-Rejection Anxiety

When facing a season or feat of bravery and all you can see is impending rejection and naysayers - that's terrifying. In this class, we cover some case studies and methods to help you expand your envisioned sense of possibility in the face of making an excellent first impression. 


Masterclass: Getting Paid for Every Minute

Sleuthing for "Time Leaks"

Creatives are notorious for “leaking” money in the form of time. It’s a pretty serious problem for your bank account AND calendar. In this class, you’ll learn the crucial pieces of the Time & Money relationship to keep in mind as you’re perfecting your work process and planning for new things in your life/business/career. This masterclass includes a "Time Leaks" spreadsheet template too!