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Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition!


Start Making Money with a Creative Career

Real Artists Don’t Starve and You Don’t Have to Either!

Leaving your 9-5 and starting a creative career doesn’t mean you have to give up financial freedom. Now, you can do something you love every day—even if you’re stuck in a mind-numbing desk job and have no idea how to turn your creative passions into a real business. 

In this 1-hour coaching call with Danielle Hope Diamond, bestselling author and screenwriter, you'll asses your “career GPS” and pave your way to a career that fits your values, skills, and passions. Ready to start a creative career and make money doing something you actually enjoy?


Turn Your Part-Time Passion Into a Full-Time Career

Stop Wishing, Start Acting!

Do you have a side hustle that you’re dying to turn into a full-time gig? Finally, you can get unstuck and launch your part-time passion into something bigger!

In this 1-hour coaching call, bestselling author, screenwriter, and digital marketer, Danielle Hope Diamond, will find personalized and proven strategies to help you stand out, make the right connections, and grow your business into the full-time career of your dreams.


Find Your Hollywood Story to Stand Out in Your Industry

What Makes You and Your Business Fascinating?!

Do you have an established creative career that you’re ready to take to the next level? Imagine if the right combination of words could capture the hearts and minds of every customer, investor, and employee. People don’t care about what you do... they care about why you do what you do. As a business and a brand, you need a story that connects with people on an emotional level. Every great story is driven by strong, specific, and developed characters.

In a 1-hour coaching session, bestselling author, screenwriter, and digital marketer, Danielle Hope Diamond will help you uncover that character that is your company and your customers, using the same creative process used to write plays for Broadway and screenplays for Hollyw


Automate Your Visibility & Booking

Creating System That Gets You a "Heck Yes!"

Getting featured in the venues, galleries, podcasts, blogs, magazines of your dreams can be the hardest kind of putting yourself out there. If your thing is music, art, writing, speaking, workshops, or something else equally wonderful, then you'll need these 3 sessions with singer-songwriter and educator, David Hakan.

You'll walk away with the tools to find the best visibility partnerships, a method to calm the chaos of all your research, and you'll learn how to create successful cold email pitches that get you the "heck yes!" you've been waiting for. Finally, it's time to find opportunities that are thrilled to feature you. It's time to stop wasting your precious resources barking up the wrong trees. You will leave each of the three 60-minute online video sessions with a customized checklist and a system that will make showing off your feats of bravery easy to do. 


Press Kit Audit & Consult

Give The Press What They Want

First impressions matter. Make it easy for promoters, members of the press, publicists, and content creators to feature you the way you want to be featured! Spend an hour with David Hakan, singer-songwriter and educator, and you'll learn what's missing from your press kit (aka your EPK) and how to display it to maximize your publicity and visibility. You'll also get David's expert opinion on your biography, about section, photos, and relevant links or work samples.

Help them help you shine brighter than ever! Book your press kit session with David Hakan today! 


Budget-Friendly Promotional Videos

No Need to Break the Bank!

If you've been living under a rock lately, allow us to inform you... Video is the media of choice these days. Youtube is HUGE. If you're at all interested in promoting yourself or someone else's bravery, then you'll need to learn what makes a promotional video effective and how you can do it well on a budget. 

In this 1-hour session with singer-songwriter and educator, David Hakan, you will learn the secret to a good sizzle reel promotional video. Branding and marketing are important, but so are light and sound. Equipment is affordable if you know where to look and what to look for. There are many tips that cost next to nothing, all of which get you the results you're hoping for.

Skip the beginner's videography and technology learning curve. Book your session with David Hakan today!


Tidying Session

You get brave clarity & I get to clean!

You've got questions to clear up about your life, career, and creativity? Maybe you've got some marketing questions? Or you'd like to know the best way to automate a certain piece of your life. Well, Emily Ann's got a house to Marie Kondo! Let's join forces! Reserve your spot in Emily Ann's calendar today!