Coaching (Emily Ann Peterson)

Find Your Creative Courage

Your Biggest Bravery Yet

Your life, business, and career can change for the better in less than an hour! End the uphill battles of presenting yourself & your business to the world. Lean into your heart, integrity, and confidence. Sell sh*t fast without selling your soul.

In your time together with singer-songwriter, bestselling author, and creative consultant, Emily Ann Peterson, you'll create a smooth path forward for your progress and prosperity too!

Spend an hour with Emily Ann and you'll walk away wishing you had done it 6 months earlier! Reserve your spot in Emily Ann's calendar today!


Tidying Session

You get brave clarity & I get to clean!

You've got questions to clear up about your life, career, and creativity? Maybe you've got some marketing questions? Or you'd like to know the best way to automate a certain piece of your life. Well, Emily Ann's got a house to Marie Kondo! Let's join forces! Reserve your spot in Emily Ann's calendar today!


Website Audit

Because Online First Impressions Count!

Do you have a website? Do you (secretly) worry that it sucks? Or maybe you know it doesn’t do you and your awesome work justice?

Easy! After one hour, you'll walk away from your Website Audit with a tangible list of tiny improvements and the confidence to put yourself out there!


Piece Of Cake Copy

Sweet Words for Your Sweet Website!

Got a website that reads a little too boring? Does your artist bio make even your *mom* want to fall asleep? Don't want to re-write the words for that thing? Stuck with a blinking cursor and a blank page?

Schedule a session with Emily Ann to write some tastiest morsels with you! After paying for your session, you'll fill out your intake form and then leave your scheduled session with the perfect words for whatever your creative project requires!

Bonus points: your audience will likely be drooling for more!


Book Coaching & Production (2019)

If you've always wanted to write a book or somehow the creative muse has magically gifted you with a manuscript, then let's talk. Self-publishing is the single most effective way for you to get your book *out there* for the world to see. It is entirely possible for you to go from blank page to bestseller in 90 days or less.

Every author's book is different, so working with Emily Ann *starts* with six one-hour sessions to nail down your book summary, ideal audience, outline, title, overall strategy, and next steps.